Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some updates to the concept

It's been a long while since I have spent any time here on the blog, and while I have continued toying around with the idea of the Dreamwalkers story, I have made little progress. A big part of that is that my focus changed: I got extremely busy at work for a while; then I started spending more time playing WoW again; then school stuff kept me busy; then I started dating and traveling (long distance thing). I did find time to start learning to play guitar, which has been fun, and I have been reading a bunch—mostly comics, but some real reading too ;)

Another reason for the long absence from the story was that I wasn't happy with the logic behind the meteor delivery system (and the resulting random nature of crystal deployment). At first I argued that it was like the Yarin using a random sampling process to get their subjects—which would, of course, be wise. But, in the end, I decided that it just didn't work. So, I thought about other ways of getting the crystals to Earth, and I think I have settled on one that wasn't planned by the Yarin at all (although they are still part of the story).

I also came up with a more viable reason for the villain to have an issue with the kids. His motivation is now very clear. I plan to post some more details at some point, but I want to write a bite more before I do. I have had a bunch of content written for a while now, but with these changes, I have a lot of rewrites. So, off to work I go!