Monday, February 16, 2009

Dreamwalkers—concept, continued: reluctant heroes

As I had mentioned last time, these characters are not really the hero types. I would actually consider them reluctant heroes—or some, even antiheroes. My central cast of characters may be the heroes of my story, but they don't want to be. Calista Hart (17), Josiah Wakeman (17), and Tristan Wolfe (15) are three teens from Norristown, Pennsylvania. They all attend the same school but all travel in different circles. They each acquire a crystal—I'll get into how when I discuss their individual stories—and they begin dream walking. At first, they think they are simply dreaming; they wake up each day believing that what happened overnight was a lucid dream. However, that all changes when they witness the villain of the story, Robert Porter (34), committing a murder. The next day they learn that the murder really occurred and realize that everything that has happened while they were asleep was real.

A couple of other dreamwalkers take this as an opportunity to do some good and try to become real heroes, but the central characters are more interested in helping themselves than in helping others. However, when the villain starts coming after other dreamwalkers, they realize that they will have to work together to survive. This doesn't come easy to them: They haven't fully mastered their powers individually, and they sure as hell don't have any clue how to fight as a team. But, fighting as a team is what it will take, and they will need to work together to develop their powers so that might have a chance at defeating Robert.

I am still determining the exact number of core team members that I want to have. Right now I am planning for the three I have already listed, but there is potential for me to add one or two more depending on the direction I decide to take the story.

I know this post was short, but it's really just a continuation of yesterday's. Tomorrow I will write about the origin and purpose of the crystals. Soon after that I will start writing up some character profiles / back stories.


  1. Sounds great to me. The only thing that strikes me as odd is the villain's name. "Robert" doesn't really strike fear into me. Maybe he can have like an alter-ego with a different name? Idk.

  2. All the names are in flux at the moment. His name being so plain actually has a bit to do with his character, but that doesn't mean I will leave it that way. His name will likely never strike fear into anyone, but he also won't be running around shouting, "I am the all-mighty Robert! Fear and obey me!" As for a villainous name that he may go by, I may do something like that. I am not entirely sure yet.

    Thanks for the input on it. I still have quite a way to go before I am locked into names, and it's good to know what people are thinking. I'll explain why I went with the name "Robert" when I write out his character bio, but I am not entirely sold on most of the names right now, so it could easily change (suggestions welcome—although I still want him to start with a real person name, because these are "real people"). It's funny how names are more difficult than some aspects of the story.